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Search Engine Optimization SEO

What is SEO?  The process of implementing best practices to allow search engine rankings based on a Web site’s merit.

Search engines are interested in  providing the best answer for the search query. The Science of SEO removes technical Web site barriers to allow visibility of pages.  The Art of SEO aligns the purpose of Web pages with appropriate search queries.

A search engine works much like a “global” yellow pages, allowing motivated buyers to locate and purchase services and products online. Superior ranking on one of the major search engines is the best way to bring quality traffic to your website. 

…half the companies (49%) are reallocating budgets to search engine marketing from print advertising. More than a third (36%) are shifting money away from direct mail, and almost a quarter are moving budgets from conferences and exhibitions (24%) and web display advertising (23%).* SEMPO March 25, 2010

Our Process:

1. Client and Web Consult: An initial consultation is scheduled to discuss the client’s overall goals, objectives and needs.  Client will advise ReverseOnlineInteractive (ROI) of all websites that are related and which may be ranked.

2. Client Centric Market Analysis: ROI will perform a market analysis on your specific industry and competition. This analysis will include a breakdown of the top competitors currently on the major search engines.

3. Keyword Development: ROI generates “current” and “suggested” keyword lists. Both parties agree on the keywords to be targeted for rankings. Client reviews keyword list and gives final approval.

4. Keyword Analysis: Our core focus is “REVERSE” marketing – using the power of the internet to allow the consumer to identify when they are searching for your service/product. Therefore, the most important part of our service is understanding which terms your prospects are using when searching for your service/product and making sure that is where we focus our resources. Through exhaustive research we will assist you in making informed keyword selections based on your site's content overall, as well as content geared toward category, product and other more specific pages on your website.

5. Meta Tag Creation: ROI creates customized Meta tags based upon the approved keyword list and will notify you of any changes required to your website code. Client is responsible for uploading the Meta tag changes on the index/home page.  The client will also notify ROI when the page has been changed and the Meta tags uploaded.

6. Submissions: Submission (where appropriate) to search engines begins once the initial Meta Tags are uploaded onto the website.

7. Content Analysis: Our experts will analyse your website's content and recommend either Keyword insertion or new content creation. Keyword insertion includes a content strategy call, the reworking of existing content to optimize for selected keywords and the editing of existing content for grammatical and spelling errors. The content strategy call takes place before any content is developed and provides you with an overview of our approach to keyword insertion. Ultimately, the Keyword Insertion service enhances existing content of 150 words or more (including press releases) through the insertion of keywords. This presents an effective strategy for Clients with established marketing messaging, eliminating the need for the development of new content. New Content includes the development of a customized strategy for building interactive content that is both optimized for the search engines and effective in communicating your core messages to site visitors. Developing and executing this strategy involves multiple content strategy calls, research regarding your industry, products and services; and finally, the content development and editing. The New Content service offers an excellent solution for newly created URLs and for pages that would benefit from a content overhaul, which may include product descriptions, product category overviews, calls to action, general information and marketing content.   

8. Search Engine Visibility Analysis:  A detailed technical analysis of your website and information on how search engines view the site. We identify opportunities to improve the visibility of your site from an architectural, design and development perspective. Details of the document include how search engines view your site, number of currently indexed pages, link popularity, and an execution plan of recommended changes to ensure maximum visibility and rankings of your site.  

9. Direct Inclusions: As an added value to our clients, were applicable we will  include direct inclusion of your website to many search engines such as bing, Lycos, AllTheWeb,,, Altavista and IWON. This ensures correct spidering of your website and, in most cases, indexing within 7-10 days.

10. Link Builder: Link popularity is very important to the overall effectiveness of SEO.  We will contact websites that complement your company and request that they link to your website.  In most cases, inbound links are increased without the need for reciprocal linking.  In addition to increasing search engine rankings, these inbound links will assist with referral traffic and increase brand awareness.  We carefully screen all inbound links to ensure no participation in link-farms, Spam pages or FFA’s (Free For All link pages).

11. Search Engine ranking and reporting: Search engine ranking reports are provided to the client by a unique web page that the client may use to view their report.  Reports are updated monthly.

12. Traffic Analysis: We recommend the use of Google Analytics due to its effectiveness and ease of integration.  ROI will assist in setting up the account and implementation of tracking codes. This traffic statistics package will enable any website owner to quickly and easily view metrics such as traffic increases, page views, search engine referrals and keyword popularity.

13. SEM Trending: Your personal Account Executive provides support, advice and ongoing optimization services. Continued service ensures that ROI is able to adjust any optimization techniques in response to search engine algorithm or requirement changes. In addition, our direct relationships with many search engines ensure that the website maintains its presence in the search engines.

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