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Who We Are, What We Offer and Our Commitment to our Clients:

Reverse Marketing is an aggressive and imaginative approach to achieving supply objectives; because the purchaser makes the initiative in making the proposal.  We are a full-service, interactive online marketing agency focused on this concept of making the customer seek the firm, rather than marketers seeking the customer.  Conventional marketing targeting the right customers, Reverse Online Interactive focuses on making the customer find the company offering the product and to increase our clients’ visibility and sales while providing bottom-line ROI.  We allow our clients to focus on their business, while we focus on bringing them business.

We accomplish this through a strategic use of integrated online marketing methods in a ‘reverse’ science to successfully propel our clients to online dominance.  Our 15 years of Online SEM (Search Engine Marketing) pioneering began with SEO Link Building, Keyword Ranking, Content Writing, Analytics and Reporting.  We rounded out our Full-Service Online Interactive Marketing with PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising ad management and full-spectrum Social Media Content Ad Management.  Expertly located within the RTP (Research Triangle Park) of NC, ROI Marketing boasts a wide variety of clientele and we pride ourselves to limiting our portfolio to one client per vertical to avoid clientele conflict of interests of our proprietary expertise per vertical medium.

At ROI Marketing, we battle daily to stay on the cusp of an ever-evolving science that is Search Engine Marketing.  We take pride in our dedication to professionalism and ingenuity of our ‘reverse’ online interactive proprietary techniques.  The combination of skills and dedication provides the utmost in online client interactive optimization of websites and products.  We provide expert SEO-Rich content writing in any field to provide strategic keyword online dominance to maximize Search Engine rankings and traffic.  Our Social Media team has an exceptional grasp of building brand awareness and passionate engagement in social brand communities.  We take the complexity of online analytics and volume of information and drill the numbers down, providing concise reporting recommendations and interpreting traffic and online trending.  Our reverse online strategies coupled with tactical analytics will increase traffic and conversions for your website.

ROI Marketing intensely strives to know and perfect each and every SEM, SEO, PPC and Social reverse interactive techniques so every aspect of our clients’ website are unequaled; which again is why we limit our clientele portfolio to one client per vertical.  Our years of industry experience cutting edge domination over the ever-evolving interactive science that is Search Engine Marketing, is our daily driving force to providing unparalleled service to our portfolio of clients.  Propelling our clientele to online dominance through proprietary reverse marketing technologies IS our driving force to excellence.  ReverseOnlineInteractive.com IS the Heartbeat of Interactive Online Marketing!