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Paid Search PPC Marketing

What is Paid Search?  The ability to pay for Targeted Traffic.   

The ability to Brand, Sell Products and Generate Leads Pay per click advertising (PPC) is a search engine marketing technique that requires you to pay a fee every time someone clicks to your website from an ad you've placed in a search engine's results. The more you agree to pay per click (or bid) for a specific keyword and the more effective your ad, the higher your site will rank in the paid search results.

Our Process:

1. Campaign Audit: If you are running a current Paid Search campaign, our experts will evaluate its structure and keywords and make any necessary changes based on performance and bidding efficiencies. This process enables us to spend your advertising dollars effectively. If you are new to Paid Search, we will use our tools to estimate a realistic budget for entry into your industry vertical

2. Shared Goals: We will first work with you to develop a set of Shared Goals and Visons for your campaign. Then we will work with you to define our mutual responsibilities. These responsibilities will include the identification of current and planned management, priority keywords and the implementation of any additional testing for ad copy, seasonality and bid strategy.

3. Keyword Research & Analysis: The Keyword Analysis (KWA) provides analysis of the keyword demand for your products, services or industry in the context of specific site pages. We analyze your business goals, product and service offerings and potential customer needs to create customized KWAs. Research includes gathering data on search demand, including how often individual search phrases are used and consideration of competitor sites and complementary products. All data is leveraged into recommended keywords for each product and landing page.

4. Landing Page Usability: A clean, easy-to-navigate landing page is necessary for improved conversions. We will work with you to to improve the conversion rate of your campaign. Conversions are measured in different ways, from a customer filling out a form to someone phoning in an order. Our analysis and recommendations help increase your defined conversion rate for search engine traffic and visitors to the website.

5. Ad Creative Development: In a limited amount of copy, MarketSmart Interactive’s experienced content developers grab potential customer's attention, use promotions and unique selling propositions to convince them you have what they want and encourage them to click on your ad. With thousands of keywords and ads, our content developers are able to create multiple ads for testing scenarios to produce best-of-breed ads to improve performance.

6. Testing Scenarios: In order to take advantage of the Google Quality Score System and Yahoo best converting position, it is mandatory to test your ads. We use an A/B split testing process to insure the best return on your investment.

7. Performance Optimization: Our Account executives will adjust your campaigns across Google, Yahoo and Bing to spend more efficiently during peak times, getting you positioning on the sponsored listing landscape with your target audience, and then use day-parting so when they are not online, you do not have to be either. In order to best evaluate and discuss results, we will provide you with keyword/ trend reports and continued status calls.

8. Google and MSN Campaign Setup: We will work with you to create new Master Accounts in each user interface so that you have conrol over the account and not your agency. Many agencies build the account in their name so that they can hold control over your company. If the Master Account is not in your company's name then the account will not follow you if you leave the agency.

9. User Behavior and Goal Tracking: ROI Marketing uses the latest technology available and monitors industry trends to ensure that your company is taking advantage of all possible marketing opportunities that match your company's goals.

10. Daily Campiagn Optimization: We will Identify and focus on top-producing and non-producing keyword terms on a daily basis. Additionally, we will modify bid and positional parameters to improve keyword and campaign performancee.

11.Daily Statistical Analysis: We use daily statistical analysis to identify low converting terms and landing pages. Thus allowing us to implement new ad copy and alter low performing ad copy, select appropriate landing page URLs and modify keyword matching options.

12. Daily Campaign Monitoring: ROI Marketing provides daily account monitoring in which we are evaluating overall health, budget, traffic, etc.

13. Comprehensive Reporting: Depending upon your company's specific needs, we will provide daily, weekly or monthly reporting of your account activity. Additionally, your account executive will perform scheduled conference calls to discuss the results with you and your staff.

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